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Posted by Thomas Murphy on 10/21/2011

Halloween is just around the corner and knowing how to have fun and stay safe is important. Dressing up in costumes and eating lots of candy is fun but follow these important safety tips for a ghoulishly good time: Young children should never go trick or treating without an adult. Older children should never trick or treat alone, they should always have at least two buddies. Plan your trick or treat route before you go. Carry at least one flashlight and check the batteries. Take a cellular phone and watch with you if possible. Wear flame retardant costumes. Wait until you get home and your parents check your candy before you eat it. Never go inside a house, only accept treats in the doorway. Be weary of strangers trying to talk to you. Walk, do not run. Make sure to stay on sidewalks. Cross the street at the corner or in a crosswalk. Only visit homes that have their lights on. Following these safety tips and common sense will help you make the most of your Halloween season. Please share some of your own Halloween tips and tricks for keeping the holiday enjoyable.

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