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Posted by Thomas Murphy on 9/24/2017

New England is known for its beautiful homes, food and history. Men and women who played a role in the early development of the United States are celebrated by residents and visitors to New England. Some led the way to social, political, academic, business,arts or literary advancements.

However, the regions early founders are not the only women and men who made an impact on America’s history whether that history be made during the country’s formative or more recently. Check out this list of famous people who were either born or lived in New England.

New England Homeowners and Residents Make Huge Advancements for America

As one of America’s founders, Benjamin Franklin was born in Boston, Massachusetts on January 17, 1706. Throughout his career,he served in various capacities including as President of Philadelphia and postmaster general. He may be more widely known for his scientific discoveries with meteorology and electricity.

Born in Framingham, Massachusetts in 1723, Crispus Attucks is widely recognized as the first American casualty of the American Revolution,also referred to the as the Boston Massacre. Discussions that center on the American Revolution often lead to Crispus Attucks and the role that he played in America's early history.

Calvin Coolidge served as the 30th President of the United States. Prior to becoming President, this Vermont native worked as an attorney. He attended Amherst College and spent his early adult years in Northampton, Massachusetts. New England remains an area that has a significant impact on America's political landscape, particularly when it comes to presidential elections.

Emily Dickinson’s writings were discovered nearly by accident. A graduate of Amherst College, Emily Dickinson preferred to keep to herself. She wrote well over 1,600 poems, but only published a few of them on her own. It was her sister who took the steps to get Emily’s many poems in print. Today, you'd be hard pressed to find a serious American poet who hasn't heard of Emily Dickinson.

Similar to Emily Dickinson, Sylvia Plath is a poet who hails from New England. Birthplace for Sylvia Plath is Boston,Massachusetts. She grew up in the same area that the St. Thomas Aquinas Church is located in. In addition to influencing poetry, Sylvia Plath has served as a voice for people struggling to fit in the world.

Frederick Douglass was born in February 1818. He is among America’s most impactful abolitionist. Although Frederick Douglass was born in Maryland, he spent a portion of his adult years in New Bedford, Massachusetts. He taught himself to read and write and was a key to the success of the Underground Railroad.

George W.Bush, Barbara Walters, Adam Sandler, Donna Summer, Katharine Hepburn, Ralph Nader and Stephen King are among New England’s modern day residents. Their influence spans across media, comedy, politics and the arts.

People from New England have left an indelible mark on America’s landscape. Many of them lived in the area at a time when historic Georgian, Cape Cod and Victorian homes were in vogue. Some homes like the Sarah Orne Jewett House and the Quincy House are national treasures, reflecting interior and exterior home designs that continue to inspire great appreciation.