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Posted by Thomas Murphy on 3/19/2017

With all the good that this season brings, there has to be some negatives to it as well. The warmer weather invites a whole host of bugs and other critters that may want to bunk up with you in your home as well. Do not fret, homeowner! I have a few tips and preventative measures that will keep you and your family happy and pest free. What pests to watch for Termites Stink bugs Pavement and and carpenter ants Carpenter Bees, wasps, and yellow jackets Mosquitoes Spiders Crickets Spring tails Centipedes Tips on preventing them Look for cracks and and openings in your home’s exterior. Take a walk around the outside of your home. The best way for pests to get in is through these openings that go unnoticed, because we are not looking for them. So I encourage you to look! Think like the pest. How would they get into your home? Seal off any cracks that you see with an exterior sealant. Make sure that you are checking openings in windows and doors as well. Keep trees, shrubs, and firewood away from the sides of your house. Insects use these plants and even grass to cross over and into your home. Therefore, by creating a space around your home it creates a barrier for insects who live in these shrubs. Make sure you are maintaining even the grass that grows up against your foundation as well. Similarly, pests like termites like to live in firewood. Make sure if you keep firewood, have it sit off the ground and as far away from your house as possible. Make sure your kitchen and trash are clean and sealed. Keeping a messy pantry is a party invitation for ants. Invest in airtight containers, clips, and bags for your food. Make sure that your keep crumbs off your counter and floor as well. Another way to invite pest in is your trash. Trashes with lids and trash liners are a must. Bonus, this will help keep the trash smell contained. Watch out for nests. Bees and wasps have a habit of making nests in the most inconvenient places. Check attics, rafters, and vents. If you find nests, make sure to call your local pest control company. Stinging insects can be very dangerous, so please take caution when dealing with them. I want to keep you and your home safe and pest free! With these simple precautions you can have a fun spring without the insects bugging you.