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Posted by Thomas Murphy on 2/5/2017

Your driveway is the first amenity that people see when they visit. When you bought your house, you may have only seen your driveway as a place to park your vehicle.But, a driveway is more than that. A driveway is often a property border,dividing you and your neighbor's yards. It's one of the largest visuals that make up your house's curb appeal. Your driveway is where you start to feel at home.

Which of these 5 driveways is right for you?

Choose the right driveway and you could buy a house that generates a quality sale should you decide to move. Choose the right driveway and you can provide your children ample room to play safely away from the street and your growing front or back lawn. Following are five popular driveways to check out before you buy a house or upgrade your house with a new driveway.

Brick driveway - This is an elegant driveway that has an artistic appeal. Clay bricks come in a rainbow of colors and sizes. These driveways have been around for centuries. Straight, round and curving are shapes that a brick driveway come in. Install a brick driveway and you can expect the paving to last for about 25 years.

Cobblestone driveway - If you love natural stones, a cobblestone driveway might be best. Primary shapes that cobblestone driveways are laid in are long, curvy, straight and square. A cobblestone driveway can extend a quarter mile from the street to your house's front steps. They resemble brick driveways and are smooth and flat, not at all a bumpy ride as you drive to your house.

Concrete driveway - Live in the suburbs and you might see house after house lined with a concrete driveway. Concrete driveways are a popular suburban choice. As with sidewalks, a downside to a concrete driveway is that it can bubble or crack. An upside is that a concrete driveway can be installed in reds, browns and traditional grays.

Gravel driveway - Attend several sporting events at large outdoor stadiums, and there's a good chance that you've driven over a gravel driveway. You won't have to worry about repaving a gravel driveway. What you will have to deal with is bits of gravel popping into your boots or shoes.

Asphalt driveway - An asphalt driveway is expensive to lay. There are heavy and lighter grades of blacktop that can be used when laying an asphalt driveway. Choose a quality sealer and your asphalt driveway can remain strong, absent cracks, for years. If your asphalt driveway develops cracks, you can fill in the cracks instead of resealing the entire driveway.

Although it's not attached to your home, your driveway plays a factor in your house's overall value. Think about your driveway as more than a place to park your vehicles. See your driveway as part of your home. Wash away stains and clean your driveway. To care for your driveway, also check for cracks and apply sealers as needed.

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