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Posted by Thomas Murphy on 6/19/2016

Although it may be occasionally inconvenient, your property should always be available for showing. Your real estate agent will provide a lock box and mount it in a convenient location to facilitate other agents accessing the house. If you do not opt to use a lock box, keep in mind that agents will have to schedule appointments, which is an inconvenience to potential buyers. Most realtors will simply skip over your property to show other homes for sale with ready access. Even if the real estate agent returns with another potential buyer, you may have just missed a chance to sell your home. The majority of Realtors will call to give you a couple of hours notice prior to showing your property. They want you to have an opportunity to “tidy up” and then vacate the property. Avoid being present when the home is being shown. Buyers feel like intruders if you are on location when the property is being shown, stay out of the way and avoid volunteering information, deferring questions about the property to your realtor. Spotlessly Clean While you may not be someone that always makes their bed and keeps things neat and tidy, it is important to become so when your home is on the market. Pick up magazines and newspapers, dust the furniture, and take out the trash. There is nothing more off-putting than walking to a home that smells of stale garbage or the cat litter box. If you have a smoker in the house, clean all surfaces and shampoo upholstery and carpeting to rid the house of the odor. Ask smokers to light up outside. The smell of stale cigarettes can nix a potential sale. Fragrances Do not use scented candles or fragrances sprays to prepare for visitors. The scent can be cloying, and many persons are allergic. If you wish to have a pleasant aroma in the home, simmer a couple of sticks of cinnamon and a tablespoon of cloves in water on the back of the stove. The scent is subtle and pleasant – and the house will just smell like you have been cooking. Manage Pets Keeps dogs outdoors. Keep indoor cats in a specific room. Put a note on the door. While most indoor cats will hide when there are strangers in the house, some cats may become frightened or panic and attempt to escape. Lighting When a showing of your home is scheduled, turn on all the indoor and outdoor lights. Do this even during daylight hours. At night, a home that is well-lighted projects a “homey” and inviting feeling when viewed from the street. During daylight hours, turning on interior lights prevents harsh shadows from sunlight and warms up dark areas. Get Rid Of Closet And Cabinet Clutter Yes, prospective buyers will open cabinets, drawers, and closets. Make sure all storage areas are clear of clutter and tidy and clean. If you closets and cupboards are crowded and cramped, box up items and put in off-site storage. You want the storage space to appear spacious with plenty of room for the new owner’s “stuff.”

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