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Posted by Thomas Murphy on 6/12/2016

Are you thinking about going house shopping? Moving? Need decorating ideas? Use this website to find a current listing of open houses in your area. Grab a note book, a pen and a GPS. Note the times and dates of all open houses you wish to attend. Bring your camera or phone for photos. Be sure all batteries are charged and ready to go. This way when you think back to the kitchen in House #1 versus House #4 you have a photo of the front door, front yard and a description in your notebook, specifically about each home you visited. Especially if your house hunting and not just looking for decorating tips. If you are thinking of relocating, you have to do a bit more research. You will have to be more specific about the area you want to relocate to. Another alternative is to limit your search by typing in both the city and state, followed by open houses. This will allow you to narrow down your selection, right down to number of bedrooms and bathrooms we have listed. The nice thing about searching our site is there will be many more photos to look at than the newspaper. If you are extremely intrigued by what you see online, you can make an afternoon or day trip out of it by visiting the open houses of interest. Be sure to call us as soon as possible to book a showing. Houses are going fast these days.

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