Thomas Murphy - Pine Shores Real Estate

Posted by Thomas Murphy on 8/16/2015

Buying and applying sunscreen has become quite complicated. There are so many rules and numbers to remember. The one thing that you really need to know about sunscreen is that it doesn't matter how high the SPF is, or how "long lasting" the label claims it will be, you need to keep reapplying it. Ironically what breaks down sunscreen is the sunlight that degrades and neutralizes it. Depending on your activity, it may also get washed away with water or sweat. Studies have shown that people do not apply enough sunscreen. So what is the best way to keep away from the sun's harmful rays? The experts recommend fully reapplying over your face and body every two to four hours when you're in the sun. How much should you use? For complete coverage, use one ounce (a shot glass size amount) for the entire body, and a pea size amount for the face. So have fun this summer and stay safe in the sun.